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BY6090C 液压牛头刨床

BY6090C 液压牛头刨床




The machine is used in planing a variety of plane & forming plane, and it is suitable for single and small batch production.
Heat treatment technics such as tempering, vibration aging, induction quenching and so on adopted on key parts like bed enable more stable accuracy and longer working life.
Main cutting movement and feeding movement are realised hydraulically, which is infinitely variable, and is with hydraulic overload protection device. So advantages as smooth turning, little overrun, flexible & reliable start/stop, high rigidity, strong cutting force, high reversion precision, low oil temperature, little thermal deformation and stable precision could apply to continuous strong cutting work.
The table moves rapidly in both horizontal and vertical direction, the tool post is with auto tool lifter, the handles collect, so the machine is with easy operation & advanced automation.

 型号  BY6090C 液压牛头刨床
 最大刨削长度(mm)  900
 工作台最大横向移动距离(mm)  600
 滑枕底面至工作台最大距离(mm)  450
 工作台最大垂直移动距离(mm)  400
 工作台工作面尺寸(长×宽)(mm)  900×400
 刀架最大行程(mm)  150
 刀架最大回转角度(°)  ±60°
 刀杆最大尺寸(宽×厚)(mm)  22×30
 滑枕每分钟往复行程工作台横向进给量范围 (mm)  0.25-1.8
 工作台横向进给量  无级Stepless
 最大工作力(约)(kg)  1500
 工作台最大载重量(kg)  200
 工作台快速移动速度  水平移动  1.57
 垂直移动  0.35
 工作台中央T型槽尺寸(mm)  18
 主电机功率(kw)  4
 快速电机功率(kw)  0.75
 净重/毛重(kg)  2700/2850
 外形尺寸(长×宽×高)(mm)  2670×1350×1600
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